How to Clear Check Engine Lights ?

There are 4 ways to reset and clear obd engine trouble code in your car. Some of them with a tool and without any equipment. You can easily do it yourself.

Method Tools Required

1. Drive your car and let light go off by itself.


2. Turn the engine on and off three times in a row.


3. Disconnect and reconnect the battery.


4. Use an OBD code reader.

Wrench and OBD reader

Clear engine codes

Enter the vehicle through the driver's door and locate your OBD port. It should look like the picture below, and it is usually around where your shins would be if you were sitting in the driver's seat.

Plug your scan tool into the OBD port and turn the key to the on position (gauges should be lit up, a/c will blow if it's on, but the engine is off)

This step will vary based on the tool you're using, but select 'READ' and scroll through the codes that are active on your vehicle. Write down each code in case the codes come back or change later down the road.

Now select 'CLEAR' on your scan tool and clear the codes. At this point, the Check Engine Light should be off, and you have successfully reset your check engine light. If the light comes back on, you will need to diagnose and repair the concern that is causing the code.